The Adventures of Gimpy Girl

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Two more days to go!

It's Sunday night and I have two more days to get everything ready before I leave. Yesterday I secured a new battery for my scooter which greatly relieves much of my anxiety. My scooter doesn't have the best range, and I have had many worries about being stuck in the middle of Japan somewhere. I also am upgrading to crutches from a couple of canes, which I found a stylish pair of down the street at Johnson's. It's all about the style, right? I found out about a lecture that promises to teach me how to read Japanese in an hour being taught on Tuesday evening, the day before I leave. Well, it's a big promise but it'd probably be fun if I can settle down enought to take the time. I very anxious and can't stop worrying about forgetting something I need to do. I'm only going to be gone for 19 days. Still, it's a long way from home.

Time for some sleep.


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