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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

China, Beijing, Day 2

The next morning we visited the Ming Tombs which I had to experience from the courtyard.
Gateway to the Ming Tombs 1

This trip was followed by a trip to the Great Wall which was a harrowing climb to the top. I was unable to convince my group of strong men to carry me to the top of this staircase but the stories when they got back told me that it was no small feat for the well-abled.

China: The Great Wall
China: The Great Wall

A day off from the tourgroup allowed us to get some special teachings from great Chi Gung healers. One of the healers was an old lady from rural China. She performed a Chi generating exercise that had everybody tingling. Larry's hands swelled up. This was a common side effect of intense chi through the body.

Besides this Larry and I mostly took it easy except for discovering some tunnels that I could cross the street safely through (only after playing chicken with the cars up top). In the tunnels I got a lesson on how to play to bamboo flute gourd for the price of the instrument.


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