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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Beijing, Day 3

On the last day in Beijing we got up early, Larry practiced Tai Chi in the Black Bamboo Garden and I went swimming. We packed our bags and took some extra time to walk over to the Garden. The park was accessible but we were stopped at the gate and not allowed to enter. Apparently my hotrod looked a little too much like a motorcycle or bicycle and the wouldn't let me in. I was ready to get arrested but Larry didn't we had time to get arrested since our bus was leaving in an hour.

We hopped on the bus and headed for the Summer Palace. This is a beautiful place the emporer and his family would go during the hot summer days. It is set on a lake. We took the scooter and they tried to keep us out again but someone to argue in Chinese and eventually they allowed us in. Some strongarming was required here as well. We wound around the lake and took a really cool looking boat arcoss the lake that looked like a dragon.
China:  The Summer Palace

China:  The Summer Palace

China:  The Summer Palace
This boat is made of marble! Made by the navy to demonstrate... something.

We got off on the other side and onto to the bus and across town to the Temple of Heaven. It is here where people go to socialize, play music and cards. My favorite part was hearing some of the local musicians. We never would have time for this if our plane hadn't been delayed!

Beijing, The Temple of HEaven


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